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a section of mountain view drive is closed because it's covering two lanes. a few homes were with without water last night and at least one without gas. weather is being blamed. the road will have to be rebuilt. this morning, the closure is still in effect. there are detours and several utility trucks on scene. pg&e crews have been securing lines and digging up debris. you can see that large debris pile right behind me. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. this morning, road crews will be examining another sinkhole this one yesterday in the santa cruz mountains on vine hill road near the summit of highway 17. now an entire lane is gone and the remainder of the road remains in jeopardy because there is nothing underneath supporting the pavement. it's not clear how long the road will stay closed. flood warnings for the napa river were canceled yesterday afternoon to the relief of
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those nearby. some residents prepared for the worst putting sandbags around their properties. heavy rain brought the water level to three feet of going over the banks. this is the russian river in guerneville over the weekend. flood warnings were cancelled. the river crested at 6 feet about an hour -- 16 feet about an hour ago. the highest recorded flood occurred in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. strong wind also caused a lot of problems. we have a broken power pole in san francisco sunset district leaving 8500 people without electricity yesterday. it was one of multiple incidents where trees or power polls brought down power lines. the latest outages show a 650 homes in the north bay without power and around 600 in the south bay as well as others. rain opened up a large pothole on westbound 4 in
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pittsburg blamed for flattening the tires of two dozen cars yesterday. that's no fun. crews shut down the lane while they made those emergency repairs. it's now open again. this is just a good reminder. we're no match for nature. >> no. >> no match. >> powerful. hopefully done for a while. i guess we have a little bit of rain this week, right, lawrence? >> a little more rain but it is true, you know, you try to prepare for everything but really i mean, in the end, there's only so much you can do. i went around my yard and picked up all the shingles from my roof. >> looking forward to climbing on the roof to check mine. a lot of folks are cleaning up. there is more rain on the way. one more river is expected to crest this morning, the russian river near guerneville. right now looks like it will crest just below flood stage at about 29 feet. flood stage is 32. so i think they are going to be okay. but still, this is a rather rapid river rise especially for this time of year. but it looks like the weather changing a bit. that fierce storm moving
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through yesterday and now looks like just a lot of high clouds dumping over the top of a weak ridge, a dirty ridge going to keep us dry for today. a much-needed break that will allow all the water to drain out for some of the rivers and creeks but then there's another storm heading our way off the coast. this will be pushing through late in the day tomorrow. more like tomorrow night into wednesday. good news is probably one to two inches in the wettest spots. we didn't expect to see flooding rains from that storm. let's enjoy the break while we have it. temperatures this afternoon with a few clouds in the mix, sunshine, mid-60s in towards san jose. about 64 in livermore. 64 degrees in san rafael and about 64 degrees in san francisco. the weather looking good here. but, of course, things may change very rapidly so you want to check out our website for all the weather. go to click on weather and you can check the hi-def doppler right there to see what's happening in your neighborhood. gianna? >> thank you. well, the good news is the roads are dry this morning. the bad news is we already are
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starting to see some slow conditions through the altamont pass. yellow indicates slower speeds under 40 miles per hour typical this time of the morning. eastbound we have roadwork to report as you work your way between greenville and north flynn. so there's one lane closed in through that area. there was an overnight accident. frank and michelle will have more on that coming up. slight delays on the eastbound side until roadwork is cleared out of the way. great highway closed both directions between sloat boulevard and lincoln way of that's due to weather conditions so use an alternate through there. no other delays around the area. 880 so far, so good, northbound looking good towards the maze. southbound 880 clear all the way towards hayward. no delays if you are taking hayward to the san mateo bridge. that's a look at traffic. frank? >> okay, i'll take it. 5:05 now. >> oh, i'll take it. >> i'll let you. new this morning, a high- speed chase caused the chp patrol car to flip over in livermore. this is new video just into the
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newsroom now. it happened just before 4 a.m. on eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn roads. the chp was chasing at high speeds when the patrol car flipped. the driver sped away. other officers stopped the car in tracy. both officers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. another crash this morning. a car smashes into a fence next to a house in campbell in the middle of the night. it happened on the 700 block of central avenue. police say they tried to stop the car for a traffic violation, a chase ensued and the car crashed. the driver ran and was later caught. police say that car involved in that crash was stolen. and the chp was involved in a slow-speed chase early this morning from san jose to oakland. officers began pursuing that car because it didn't have its headlights on. they finally used a spike strip to get the car to stop. that driver was arrested. officers say he will be charged
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with recklessly evading police officers. former bart police officer johannes mehserle is expected back in court this morning trying to get his conviction overturned in the 2009 shooting death of oscar grant an unarmed man who had been detained by police. mehserle already served his two- year prison term for involuntary manslaughter. but he wants to clear his name. lawyers for grant's family will argue against the overturning of the conviction. today the city council in redwood city will consider a makeover for the fox theatre. councilmembers are weighing a request from the owners for a tax break. in exchange, the owners will make a number of improvements to the historic building over the next 10 years. a coast guard investigation into suspected smuggling near the channel islands off the santa barbara county coast has turned tragic. a small boat deployed by the coast guard was rammed by a smuggler's vessel before dawn yesterday. the collision threw two coast guard members into the water. one of them was killed and
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another was injured in that incident. l.a. police say four people were found shot to death outside a large home in suburban northridge. the dead were two women in their 20s a man in his 30s and another man in his 40s. the incident happened early yesterday morning. the home apparently served as an unlicensed boardinghouse. detectives are now looking into a motive. a second chance for same- sex marriage could happen in just a few hours when the u.s. supreme court will announce more cases it plans to take up. the high court did not include same-sex marriage in its list released friday afternoon. that left supporters of california's proposition 8 and opponents of the federal "defense of marriage act" hoping for action on those issues today. a former bay area boy scout will be honored in sacramento this afternoon. 18-year-old ryan andresen was forced to leave his moraga troop because he is gay. he will be recognized for his bravery today by state assembly speaker john perez.
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republicans and democrats are in a stalemate in negotiations to avoid that "fiscal cliff." as susan mcginnis reports, key players took to the sunday talk shows to make their case. >> reporter: the white house is already decorated for the holidays, but the mood here in washington is anything but festive. >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act, america will ring in the new year with $110 billion in spending cuts and a $500 billion tax increase leaving the average household with a nearly $3,500 hangover. treasury secretary timothy geithner was on capitol hill to present the plan to congress. >> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him, i says, you can't be serious. >> reporter: president obama wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes on the rich, $400 billion in cuts to entitlement programs, such as medicare, and $50 billion in stimulus spending. >> the president and the white house have had three weeks and
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this is the best we've got?! >> reporter: mitch mcconnell laughed at them last week. now geithner says if they don't like the president's plan, the republicans should present their own ideas. >> we can't try to figure out what works for them. they have to tell us. >> reporter: but secretary geithner made it clear, there will be no deal that does not include a tax hike on the wealthy. >> there's not going to be an agreement without rates going up. >> reporter: no formal negotiations are on the schedule here. and many believe it will take a week for the real work toward a solution to get under way. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. how minority leader nancy pelosi says she will try to force a vote today on a senate- passed bill that democrats support but it is doubtful she will get republican support to get it to the house. time now 5:10.
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a major carmaker recall, a potential danger for 90,000 fords. >> the new details following the murder-suicide involving a kansas city chiefs football player. >> and forget the sleigh. why these santas decided to hit the slopes instead. çoç5 [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it.
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snowboarders decked out in d and white gathered in a rest in maine for santa sunday. e 130-th annual event raised y
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for the bethel rotary club's hundreds of skiers, snowboarders alike gathered in maine for santa sunday. the 130th annual event -- they have been doing this a long time -- raised a lot of money for the rotary club's toy drive. people who dressed up and donated got to ski for free for the day. >> it's a good thing santa's outfit is warm. >> i guess so. >> it's just i don't know, gianna, this just makes me want to get up this and go down the slopes. i need to go skiing. >> we have a skier here. >> yes. >> you know, i'm terrible so i'll watch you from the sides and enjoy cocoa at the lodge. >> no restrictions right now on 80 or 50 near lake tahoe so good news there if you are working your way through there. toward the bay bridge toll plaza not bad as you hit the pay gates. traffic light. metering lights are off. live look at the san mateo bridge, you can see traffic looking good both directions.
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14 minutes to go between 880 and 101. and same goes for the golden gate bridge. we have dry conditions out there which is lovely for a monday morning if you are hitting the roads early. so far, so good out of marin county into san francisco. most of the bay area not seeing too many hot spots except for the altamont pass. typically we see stop and go conditions this time of the morning so we're seeing speeds under 40 miles per hour as you work your way westbound 580. traffic slow through the area. on the flip side eastbound 580 between greenville to north flynn roadwork in effect. one lane is closed. that should be wrapped up by 6:00. we had an overnight accident as well involving a chp patrol car that was overturned. that's out of lanes. there may be activity on the right shoulder but again the only thing you're going to see through there is that roadwork on the eastbound side. westbound highway 4 look at this. lots of green on our sensors. that's good news. typically we see a little more yellow slow speeds this time of the morning but so far, traffic
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moving nicely coming off the antioch bridge westbound towards pittsburg. towards the eastshore freeway, traffic clear there, as well. we have a closure great highway still shut down due to the weather conditions that happened over the weekend between sloat boulevard and lincoln way. no word when these lanes will reopen. we'll keep you posted. right now they are completely shut down in both directions. south bay no troubles. northbound clear, southbound one looking good as well as you work your way along north 280 through downtown san jose. not seeing any delays guadalupe parkway 85 all accident-free. and if you want to use mass transit everything is on time. bart, ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, no delays to report. so looking pretty good. we are very grateful though there's no rain today, lawrence. >> yeah. think i we've earned this break today. -- i think we've earned this break today, and we'll get it for a day and a half and then we get rainfall. but hi-def doppler for the first time in a while, it is quiet out there right now. just the way we need it as the
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rivers are getting close to overflowing. we saw minor street flooding as well as streams and creeks, mud slides, trees coming down and the telephone poles, too. so yeah, what a mess it's been. but we're catching a break now. quiet outside. the temperatures a little chilly, 43 degrees in concord. 42 livermore. 49 degrees now in san francisco. still a couple of clouds moving overhead but that will be the worst of it for today, maybe fog inland. this afternoon, sunshine and a couple clouds and dry weather. then rain moving back onshore i think mostly overnight tomorrow night and into wednesday. so we catch a little bit of a break and we could use it. we have been watching all the rivers. the guerneville cresting this morning but staying below flood stage at 29 feet. flood stage is 32. so it should stay below the flood stage now. it will tip to recede. high pressure -- it will continue to recede. high pressure is going to build in. a storm system off the coastline will be here late tuesday so a lot of clouds will be streaming in overhead but for today high pressure in control.
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temperatures going to stay mild outside. mainly into the mid-60s by the afternoon. 65 degrees in san jose. 46 in sunnyvale. 62 half moon bay. and 63 degrees in hayward. temperatures in the east bay up to the mid-60s in many spots. and as you get inside the bay, those numbers are about 64 degrees in san francisco, 63 in oakland, and about 63 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days return to stormy weather but not until tuesday night into wednesday. then it looks like maybe one to two inches of rain so not flooding rains with this next storm and then we'll catch a break with the weather on thursday, friday and probably saturday too. that's a look at weather. >> you're our friend again. >> finally! newly elected members of the state legislature will be sworn in today. the assembly will go first with a ceremony at noon followed by the state senate at 3:30 this afternoon. both houses were reshaped by last month's election as voters gave democrats a two-thirds majority. that will allow them to raise taxes if they choose without
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any republican support. a supermajority. later this morning after the fighting is on the rise again between government troops and rebel forces in syria. the rebels are close to taking control of the airport that serves the capital. the syrian air force has responded by dropping bombs on rebel positions. meanwhile u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has repeated her warning to the syrian government not to use chemical weapons. the political crisis is worsening in egypt, as well. the country's supreme court judges have walked out on strike joining a growing protest against president mohamed morsi in response to morrissey's edict that his rules are above judicial review. the judges say they will remain on strike until morsi rescinds the decree. the japanese government says 49 highway tunnels will be inspected immediately after a deadly accident.
5:19 am
investigators say missing bolts may have caused concrete ceiling slabs to fall on cars in a highway tunnel killing nine people. the the accident happened yesterday deep inside a three- mile-long tunnel 50 miles west of tokyo. and michelle we are getting more details around the troubled relationship of kansas city chiefs football player javon belcher and his girlfriend kasandra perkins. they had lived apart earlier this year but got back together. belcher shot and killed perkins saturday before killing himself in front of his coach and general manager. some high winds are making it hard for crews trying to contain a wildfire at the rocky mountain national park. so far the fire has burned more than 3500 acres in colorado. it's been burning for almost two months now. but the strong winds doubled its size over the past couple of days. crews now have it 20% contained. they suspect it all started by an illegal campfire. a voluntary recall by ford motor company because of a fire
5:20 am
hazard. there have been reports of overheating and fires in some 2013 models so it's recalling nearly 90,000 ford escapes and fusions. the automaker is asking owners to call a dealer to arrange for a free loaner vehicle. could the raiders stop the slide to five? >> plus the 9ers big quarterback controversy continues. what jim harbaugh had to say after the 49ers overtime loss at st. louis. when we come back. ,, ,, [ male announcer ] there's everyday chicken
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we're watching the rivers very, very closely. we expect the russian river to crest below flood stage this morning at 29 feet and then recede. all the other rivers within their banks now. >> and checking the road now live look at conditions through san jose. 101 near mckee so far, so good. dry conditions. that's the good news this morning. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. the 49ers and rams played into overtime for the second time in three weeks. but this time, there was a winner at the end. >> yeah. no tie. and the bronco team won. frank gore scored a touchdown in the 1st quarter. it was still 7-0 in the third when the rams got a safety and we go to the fourth. colin kaepernick's pitched was a fumble and touched for the rams. the game ended with a field goal in overtime.
5:24 am
there's the pitch. and there is the touchdown right there. and then in overtime a field goal by st. louis. final score 16-13. so who do you start this week? probably kaepernick. raiders were at home against cleveland trying to get back on track. 13-33rd quarter, palmer connects with rod streiter for a 64-yard score for the raiders. things are looking good. but in the 4th quarterrer raiders drove into cleveland territory but then palmer throws a pick! should not have thrown that up. had a chance to win it. the browns made it 20-10 with three and a half left. final score 20-17. cleveland wins. raiders are 3-9. they have lost 6 in a row. cardinal will face wisconsin in the rose bowl new year's day and 24th ranked san jose state now knows its opponent in the military bowl. the spartans will face bowling green university on december 27th. and that game will be played in the nation's capital. play of the day comes from
5:25 am
the world of golf. ricky fowler and his flaming orange pants. there they are. what an outfit! rolls an impressive little eagle shot right here. his approach on a par 4 his second shot and -- [ sound effect ] >> it goes in. >> beauty. >> that's a sweet shot. >> his outfit not so much. >> i like the hair, too. reminds me of my days back in the '70s. >> i guess he could get away with the orange. >> he does. he wears bright colors. it's 5:25. right now awaiting the fate of prop 8. the supreme court could weigh in on same-sex marriage as soon as this morning. >> a wild high-speed pursuit through the east bay. two chp officers injured when their squad car flips over but the chase didn't end there. we have the latest. >> and a big mess to clean up in lafayette after a sinkhole swallows part of the road. i'll tell you how this happened and what this means for people who live on this street. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it was pouring down off and on but when it wasn't pouring down, it was raining even harder! >> the storm is over. but days of rain leave lingering problems around the bay area. >> the cracks just turned into big pieces of asphalt, you know, going sliding down the hill. >> from giant sinkholes closing roads -- >> now because of perhaps aftermath of the rain a power transformer has blown. >> -- to power outages and potholes. >> all of a sudden, i hear a lot noise. i came outside and saw like 10 more cars with flat tires. >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> america edges closer to the "fiscal cliff" with no compromise in sight. >> if they are going to force
5:30 am
higher rates on virtually all americans because they're unwilling to let tax rates go up on 2% of americans, then that's the choice they are going to have to make. >> i would say we're nowhere, period. we're nowhere! >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's monday, december 3. i'm hockey. >> michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. the rain is past for now but some of the effects continue from all the days of downpours last week. one of the biggest is a large sinkhole on mountain view drive in lafayette, a road hazard as well as a health and safety issue. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the scene right now. luckily, no one was hurt. >> reporter: luckily nobody was hurt, but the sinkhole got close to homes. i want to show you the sinkhole behind me. it covers two lanes.
5:31 am
so it is causing some major problems along mountain view drive in lafayette. now, let's go ahead and bring up video. i'll explain what happened. the sinkhole opened up yesterday afternoon following some heavy rains. the storm caused a creek to overflow, saturating the ground and eroded the street which caused it to suddenly drop. nobody was hurt but a few homes were without water while utility crews repaired underground lines. this neighborhood sits near downtown lafayette just a few blocks behind a trader joe's on mount diablo boulevard. this morning the road remains closed and there are detours in place. this is one big mess to clean up. there are pg&e crews on scene. other utility crews have been trying to dig up some of the debris. you can see the pile behind me. they are also going to have to clean up the creek and then come up with a permanent solution for the street. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. thank you. this morning, road crews will be assessing the damage from yet another sinkhole not quite as big though. it opened up yesterday in the santa cruz mountains on
5:32 am
vinehill road near the summit of highway 17. the dirt gave way before noon yesterday although this is a pretty good sized, too. one lane is gone and the remainder of the road is in jeopardy because there's nothing underneath right now to support that pavement. one resident says he lost several trees in the collapse as debris rolled downhill. >> you can see that the whole road has been undermined. and there was and a lot of water flowing through. we have lost half the road. >> long-time residents say they have never seen anything like it up in the santa cruz mountains. it's not clear how long that road will stay closed. and one north bay school is closed today because of the damage from the storm over the weekend. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is up in fairfax where crews will be cleaning all that flooded area out today, i guess no school for the kid, right? >> yes, that's right, frank. no school for white hill middle school students here in fairfax. last night school leaders made that decision after all of that damage.
5:33 am
we did shoot some video earlier this morning so you can take a look on your screen. according to a patch article school leaders told parents last night in email there was a lot of flooding in the classrooms and some office spaces also in parts of the library. the principal wrote that the staff will take today to clean up and decide how to relocate some of those classes. now, there is a number for parents to call for updates. it's the district's school closure hotline. that number is (415)712-4751. now, that letter indicated that parents would get an update later on today. that would be monday afternoon. so they can call that number to see if their closures will be still in place for tomorrow. but the principal is hopeful they will continue school on tuesday. live in fairfax, cate caugiran, cbs 5. flood warnings for the napa river were canceled yesterday afternoon. residents prepared for the
5:34 am
worst with sandbags. heavy rainstorms brought the water level within three feet of going over its banks. the russian river in guerneville over the weekend, flood warnings were canceled. the river crested at 16 feet just about an hour ago. the highest recorded flooding in guerneville occurred in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. conditions are dangerous on the roads out there. three firefighters recovering after a major crash. the accident happened on highway 24 in orinda. the firefighters were helping victims of another crash when an suv flipped their truck slammed into them. they are all in stable condition and very, very lucky. foul weather toppled over a big rig too on the san rafael bridge. chp says the driver ignored the high wind warnings yesterday morning and paid the price as you can see. the wind was still whipping when we shot this video. officers say he was speeding before the crash. traffic tied up for more than 5 hours. the truck driver wasn't hurt.
5:35 am
no other cars were involved. it was not just the downpour. powerful winds also caused more problems here in the city. this broken power pole in san francisco's sunset district left 8500 people without electricity yesterday morning. it was just one of several incidents where trees or power poles brought down electrical lines. the latest numbers on outages show a total of about 1900 still without power in the city, 650 in the north bay, 600 in the east bay and 600 in the south bay. i remember sunday morning, of in the east bay it was crazy about 7:30, 8:00. >> that storm really hit us hard. it hit lawrence hard at home, too. not only did you lose your shingles but you lost frosty. >> that was the hard one to take. my little girl came out and there was frosty just flat on the lawn never to get up again. bummer. but we have snoopty. around the bay area, we are going to catch a needed break as it looks like high pressure building in just in time. all the rivers and all the
5:36 am
creeks and boy all the damage around the bay area, we were worried about more flooding but looks like we catch a break. 41 degrees in santa rosa and dry. 44 in san jose. 42 degrees in san francisco. high pressure trying to build in behind that fierce storm now. and it looks like it will do so at least for a day. still rather dirty ridge a lot of clouds over the top of that ridge right now so if you are heading out we have a few clouds outside and storm clouds off the coastline but that one isn't going to move in until tomorrow. so we catch a break today. enjoy, clean up if you can. more rain is heading in our direction. temperatures for today mid-60s in san jose, 64 san francisco. we'll have more on that storm coming up in a few minutes but if you want to check out your high-def doppler radar, go to, click on weather, from there you can check out our hi-def doppler to see how the rain is coming down in your neighborhood. gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. well, good news as you work your way out and about through the south bay. so far no accidents to report. in fact, here's a live look at
5:37 am
101 near mckee. traffic is free-flowing. extra volume on the northbound side but overall an easy right, easier than last week. enjoy it while we can out there. elsewhere on the maps an overview of the south bay so far traffic is clear along 280. no delays on highway 17, guadalupe parkway and 85 all checking in accident-free. also looking good at 880/237. that connector road not showing any troubles this morning as you head through milpitas. in fact, all your drive times through the south bay are all in the green. now, if you are planning on taking a flight near sfo if you are heading to the airport, so far traffic is cruising along. live look at conditions along 101 near bayshore. so far, so good. no delays to reporting an lot peninsula. 280 also checking in problem- free as you work your way through daly city. no delays. and across the bay, over on 880 traffic clear northbound towards the bay bridge, southbound an easy ride towards fremont. back to you guys. >> new this morning, a high- speed chase caused a chp patrol car to flip over in livermore. it happened just before 4 a.m.
5:38 am
on eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn roads. the officer was chasing the speeding car when the patrol car flipped. the driver sped away. other officers caught up to the car in tracy and then pulled it over. two officers in that flipped car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. also this morning, a car smashes into a fence next to a house in campbell in the middle of the night on central avenue. police say they tried to stop the car for a traffic violation. well, a chase began and then the car crashed. the driver got out and ran and was later caught. police now say the car involved was stolen. it is 5:39. contra costa county supervisors will consider plans this week to close 4 more fire stations. the chief says it's all necessary after the failure of a parcel tax hike to fund the district. the county is looking at closing stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette to save about $3 million. the u.s. supreme court could announce as soon as this morning whether it will hear
5:39 am
appeals on some cases involving same-sex marriage. one is an appeal from supporters of proposition 8. california's voter-approved measure limits marriage to male- female couples. it was previously struck down by a u.s. appeals court. five challenges to the federal "defense of marriage act" are also being considered. a local boy scout forced to leave his moraga troop because he is gay will be honored in sacramento this afternoon. 18-year-old ryan andresen will be recognized for his bravery by state assembly speaker john perez as the new legislative session opens up today. so what do david letterman and led zeppelin have in common? well, the stars are getting a presidential honor in the nation's capital. >> and a dolphin bites a little girl at seaworld and it's caught on camera. the movement that may have triggered the attack. , ,,,,
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tricks" and top 10 lists are joining the ranks of americn cultural achievements. the ived david letterman's stupid human tricks and top ten lists are joining the ranks of america's cultural achievements. the late night comedian received this year's kennedy center honors along with dustin hoffman, the rock band led zeppelin, chicago blues man buddy guy, and ballerina
5:43 am
natalia makarova. the kennedy center honors airs the day after christmas here on cbs. must-see tv in our house. on capitol hill there are just 29 days left for lawmakers to get together and some way find a way of avoiding the "fiscal cliff." >> if a budget plan is in the approved by year's end, automatic tax hikes and across- the-board spending cuts will take effect. treasury secretary timothy geithner says republicans should say how much they are willing to raise taxes on the wealthy. house speaker john boehner has dismissed president obama's plan as not serious. stock futures indicate there will be modest gains when the stock market opens up this morning. >> yeah. this follows a week when all the key averages posted gains. ashley morrison of has the latest on monday in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. well, asian markets were mostly high they are morning on improved manufacturing data from china. tokyo's nikkei edged up a fraction to a seven month closing high while hong kong's hang seng lost a percent.
5:44 am
on wall street there was little movement as investors were cautious with all eyes on the "fiscal cliff." the dow rose 3, nasdaq down 2. so far there's no resolution of the strike by clerical work at the ports of los angeles and long beach. the strike enters its 7th day today dramatically slowing traffic at the nation's busiest cargo complex. dock workers refuse to cross the picket lines. the clerical workers say management has been outsourcing their work. and delta airlines is looking to buy a 49% stake in virgin atlantic airlines. now owned by singapore airlines. some 51% of virgin atlantic is owned by richard branson. virgin is the second biggest airline at london's heathrow airport. a delta partnership would allow delta to expand its london-to- new york flight. that would be a big move for
5:45 am
delta. >> if you work at toys 'r us, they will get more money but may stay open through christmas. >> the times square toys 'r us store will be open for 543 hours in a row starting yesterday morning and will be going on until christmas eve. the 24-hour shopping marathon is of course the latest effort by a retailer to squeeze every last dime in that still shaky economy we are seeing now. what i feel bad for those employees are the shoppers come in at 3 a.m. to ride the ferris wheel after enjoying the city a little too much. >> they are beating the crowds. >> people like us. >> that's true. [ laughter ] >> ashley morrison of, thank you. all right. time for a little weather and finally we can say hey, no rain or not a lot. >> no rain today. we have some more coming but i want to show you some impressive storm totals we had
5:46 am
in a couple of minutes over the last few days. but outside right now, it is quiet. high-def doppler radar is showing you, yup, no raindrops out there right now. and likely it will stay that way all day long. that's the first time we have been able to say that in some time. but there's another storm there in the pacific that's going to be come our way of temperatures out the door right now, you have a lot of clouds outside. 41 degrees chilly in santa rosa. 44 san jose. 49 degrees in san francisco. how about the storm totals? boy, what a series of storms we have from wednesday through sunday. here are the totals. almost 16" of rain in venado not north bay. mount umunum where the national weather service radar is located also had almost 16" of rain, santa rosa about 8", concord over 4.5, san francisco almost 4" of rain and san jose, almost 2.5" of rain. so you get the idea that was some kind of soaker making its way through the bay area and that's why the rivers have been running so full. today we are starting out with mostly cloudy skies, some areas of fog in the valleys. this afternoon, some sunshine and a couple of clouds but
5:47 am
should stay dry. but rain moving in as early as late tomorrow and tomorrow night as the next storm system sets itself off the coastline but high pressure building in ahead of that. that means we are going to see a nice dry day today and break in the storm to allow the water to run down all the waterways. in the meantime the temperatures will be running up to the mid-60s in san jose. 62 degrees in half moon bay, 61 pacifica. east bay numbers in the 60s. and inside the bay, dry weather, 63 degrees in oakland, breezy in daly city at 62. 63 in santa rosa. next couple of days, back to some rain and the clouds gather late tomorrow. rain tuesday night into wednesday but not as big a storm, maybe one to two inches in some of the wettest spots. drying out thursday through saturday. so right now i think the worst is done for all the rain. >> good news because that's not fun on the roads. live to the bay bridge as you work your way toward the toll plaza metering lights are off. we are starting to see traffic stacking up in the cash lanes. so delays as you head through there. but again metering lights
5:48 am
remain off at the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge looking good though. if you want to use that instead, not a bad ride. in fact, live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see both directions easy breezy as you work your way between hayward and foster city. 880-101 no troubles. live look at the golden gate bridge easy ride out of marin county, no delays southbound one towards san francisco. 14 minutes between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. you can see the truck there doing lane changes there on the bridge this morning. great highway is closed for storm clean-up between sloat boulevard and lincoln way. that's in both directions. no word when that will reopen reopen. still wrapping up roadwork on the eastbound side between greenville and north flynn at 580. west of there towards 680, towards the dublin interchange, you can see traffic a little busy as you work your way
5:49 am
westbound barely there in the corner towards 680. looks like antioch starting to stack up as well westbound as you work your way looks like westbound 4 near loveridge gets better towards pittsburg. no delays though along the eastshore freeway. traffic looks good there. and, of course, mass transit right on time. no delays. so always a good choice for the morning. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a coast guard investigation into suspected smuggling near the channel islands off the santa barbara county coast has turned deadly. a small boat deployed by the coast guard was rammed by a smuggler's vessel before daunted. the collision threw two coast guard members into the water, one of them killed. the other was injured. and caught on tape a girl bitten while feeding a dolphin at seaworld. it happened just a few weeks ago in orlando. the girl's father was shooting video when it happen. she was holding a little food. there she is in the blue. out of the water goes that bottlenose dolphin and bites the girl, moves the plate that held the fish she was feeding.
5:50 am
>> i thought it was going to haul me into the water. it was crazy but i thought it was going to eat my hand off. >> her hand is healed from the puncture wounds. her parents complain that seaworld didn't explain ahead of time why it's important to keep that plate on the wall. the park says it's taking the incident serious. who do you think is to blame? wasn't watching his daughted now he wants to have the rus changed to a ts. it's still >> you can chime in as well on facebook or twitter. we would love to hear from you. well, time now is 5:51. talk about a close call. >> 100-foot tree nearly crushes a couple inside that car. how they just barely escaped. >> and rover rumors. the nasa announcement today that has a lot of people curious. in oregon... but somehow, te
5:51 am
♪ [ female announcer ] those who look to fuel body and mind with the simplest of grains, they are not hard to find. just four ingredients, it all starts here. just as it was back 100 years.
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5:53 am
high pressure billion into the bay area. but storm clouds gathering off the coastline. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far tow good as you hit the roads this early -- so far, so good as you hit the roads this early morning. extra volume on 101 near mckee. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. a tree crushes the roof of a car in oregon but somehow the couple inside escaped with only minor injuries. it happened just south of portland yesterday.
5:54 am
the two people had pulled up to their home when a 100-foot tree snapped off at its base. rescuers expected the worst, but the couple was able to crawl out of the small opening in the passenger side window and they are expected to be fine. very lucky there. >> i think i'd send a little note to the car company and say, thank you. [ laughter ] >> you build a nice car. wow. lucky,. members of nasa's curiosity team will present an update on the mission to mass. there are rumors about a big announcement after the chief curiosity scientist said a rover instrument that looks for organic compounds on the planet it gathered some data for the history books. today's update happens by the way right here in san francisco at 9:00. so that should be interesting. >> yeah. we'll have to hear what they found. a big milestone for a peregrine falcon that was shot. the lindsey wildlife museum says the falcon named high yeah will be released to the wild today at point pinole regional
5:55 am
shoreline. the fan col was found wounded in oakland last year then brought to the museum's wildlife hospital where it was rehabilitated. former nba star and detroit mayor will be here in san francisco. he is meeting mayor lee to settle a friendly world series wager. the bet, the losing mayor would have traveled to the winning city for a tour and one day of community service. mayor bing will be touring two of san francisco's companies and later play baseball with 25 kids in the junior giants program. good thing he didn't come on saturday or friday or thursday. [ laughter ] >> no kidding. it's 5:56 right now. in the next half hour, from puddles to power outages, to potholes. the storm leaves a mess across the bay area this morning. >> reporter: i'm live in one east bay neighborhood where a sinkhole opened up in the street and look how close it got to some houses. it's practically in this home's front yard. i'll tell you what it means for people who live around here.
5:56 am
>> reporter: i'm live in fairfax where this weekend storm's damage caused a school to close today. we'll have more coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald this morning, an east bay road remains closed because of a giant sinkhole. take a look. safety hazard it's posing for some east bay neighbors. a chp car flips over. the injuries to two officers after a high-speed chase. we are catching a much- needed break in the stormy weather. but we're not done just yet. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and looks like traffic is stacking up at the bay bridge also first reports of an accident along 101. details in minutes. and good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 3. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego.

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